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Working on the HUD for My Space Simulator

Much of the work for my space simulator has been happening behind-the-scenes so I thought it would be a good idea to add a few spiffy elements to jazz up the user interface and the scenery.  One thing I noticed was that my planet and moons were being illuminated by an invisible light source!  So I have whacked in an actual Sun model and moved my light source to be at the same location – obvious I know.  I found a rather nice earth texture, Bump map and specular map.

To top it off, I thought I’d put in a red spinning targeting indicator something based on one of my favourite scenes in Star Trek II – the Wrath of Khan.  Though mine is a bit sound-challenged.

Anyway, check out the new video at my YouTube channel:

Targeting demo


I think I might find a nice 3D model  for the enemy ship because rings are all well and good but are not particularly thrilling. Winking smile

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