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Well No, Macs No Longer “Just Work”

Last year I wrote about how things changed once I bought a Mac, well it has been over a year now and I wonder how things are fairing?

Things have changed drastically during the past year and it’s quite worrisome. Let’s review that post in chunks:

  • Apple TV and iTunes on iMac just work; do not forget each other

Well no, ever since OS X Mountain Lion (ML) if my Mac goes to sleep to conserve power, it’s too dumb to restore network connections properly once the Mac comes out of sleep.  Maybe it’s my router?  Did I mention I have an Apple Airport too? So now I have to tell it not to sleep which is sort of naughty in this green day and age.

  • Canon MX850 was automatically detected over wi-fi when plugged into Airport Extreme Base Station USB socket

This still works, yay!

  • Lacie 4big Quadra 4TB RAID was automatically detected and iMac kindly asked if I wished to use it for TimeMachine
  • Pressing big blue button on Lacie launched the brilliant TimeMachine app
  • TimeMachine is fast, intuitive, reliable
    Sadly this is screwed if my Mac does to sleep; the Mac does not wait for the drive to be ready before it stupidly tries to open iTunes.  Some times I have to reboot the iMac and/or Quadra.  Did I mention Windows has no problem?
  • Apple’s iMail automatically configured e-mail server settings just by me typing in my @me.com address

I have had no reason to redo this but that’s all pretty academic since iMail/Mail is too demented to restore connectivity after a sleep.  I have to rerun Mail.  At least prior to ML you could click the little alert symbol to fix it.

  • MS Messenger for iMac (via Office Mac) is much like pre-Windows Live Essentials meaning it doesn’t have the annoying ads but more importantly, uses less computer resources like memory and CPU in wlcomm.exe

Well sure, but sadly it does not support pasting images into it plus it’s missing all the features in the Windows Live Essentials version on Windows.

  • Apple’s Xcode IDE is only $5.00 and uses minimal CPU and memory

Xcode tends to crash – a lot!  However, Xcode is continuing to grow on me and they are adding new features all the time, sadly the debugger is rather featureless compared to Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • Though Apple may make use of seemingly vertical standards such as Bonjour, historically it can be shown that Apple is more likely to adopt more popular standards with more realized use cases than say MS.  Calendering is a good example

Mail, Calenders and Chat continue to support other non-Apple tech which is nice.

I’m not sure why I said Visual Studio is bloated, particularly when such criticisms are silly when no one is stopping you to install any version whether it be Express or Ultimate or any in between.

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