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An Example of How Not to Implement Autonomous Steering

Although sporting rather pleasing graphics; sensible controls and some really nice concepts such as expanded building and upgrade types than the original, CARRIER COMMAND GAEA MISSION has absolutely the worst AI I have ever encountered in any game on any platform.

The "autonomous" (and I use the word lightly here) steering is a complete joke with vehicles completely unable to proceed from A to B without performing a near-infinite number of three-point-turns.  Why sometimes vehicles even wanted to initiate a three-point turn in some cases is a complete mystery.

Vehicles get stuck between rocks, drive off bridges, cliffs and ram into each other in that typical fashion we have come to expect in all Bohemia Interactive Software (BIS).

When you consider this is a remake of the fine 80s CARRIER COMMAND where AI is a centre piece, it is quite criminal to even attempt making something similar where AI was left as an obvious after-thought.

Whilst the original CARRIER COMMAND allowed you control your units through the AI whilst allowing you to jump-in at any time, CARRIER COMMAND GAEA MISSION forces you to constantly baby-sit and micromanage all units all the time thus defeating the purpose of multiple units.

Why on earth did they not use the brilliant work of Mr Craig Reynolds of Boids and OpenSteer fame?

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