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Autonomous Steering Update for Space Simulator

I recently added a behaviour for steering the ship towards a target destination; thrusting up to cruise speed; followed by a final deceleration step.  With a given velocity and breaking deceleration it’s reasonably easy to work at what point to start breaking.  This makes it nice to enter a point in orbit around a planet or perhaps a space station.

Next will be to work out an actual orbit based on either a given velocity or how far the orbit should be.  Fun days ahead!

Other updates include:

Though floating origin works rather well, the next problem is to scale the planets based on how far away they are.  “float”s don’t have the precision to otherwise model ranges of the distance from say the Sun to Jupiter and then to model Jupiter’s diameter.  It seems the solution is to treat things as continuous sub-scenes.  A topic for another day.

20121104 spacesim

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  1. Rei
    2013/06/04 at 9:54 pm

    Hi Micky, did you manage to port the Don’t Move Your Viewpoint–Move the Universe Instead solution to unity? I’m having an extreamly hard time try to write something similar to no avail 😥


  2. Rei
    2013/06/04 at 11:10 pm

    Yes, I tried implementing the proposed parts, but I think its more of a problem of understanding the problem on my side :S . Anyway, congrats on the project, its looking fantastic.


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