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(Solved) Battlefield 4 or Forza Install Problems for Xbox One

2013/11/23 2 comments

Stuck at the annoying “Installing 0%” progress on the Xbox One (XBO) when trying to play these games for the first time due to a game-specific 6GB game patch (I’m not referring to the XBO Day One Patch)?  This message appears as soon as you insert the disc but before it bothers to install from it.

Here’s a little trick:

  1. In XBO Settings either disconnect your WiFi or unplug your Ethernet lead to the box
  2. Sign-out of the XBO
  3. Now return to the home screen
  4. Hi-light your game/disk icon (BF4 or Forza)
  5. Press Start (or whatever its called now) on the controller
  6. Select Cancel Install
  7. Highlight the disk icon
  8. Click to start the install again

The game will now install from the DVD.  When its ready to play, reconnect your network and sign-in.  You’ll still need to patch but it won’t be as big nor get stuck.

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