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Nexus Mod Manager (NMM) Causes WETriggerScript Error in Skyrim

2012/07/28 Leave a comment

NMM has already been reported by others of causing Skyrim to crash with a WETriggerScript error on startup on Nexus Forum thread CTD when loading or starting a new game and on this Steam Forum thread.

You and I can reproduce this easily:

  • Exit Skyrim
  • Verify that only one (or none for that matter) Skyrim.esm entry can be found in the plugins.txt file[1]
  • Run NMM
  • Verify that only one (or no) Skyrim.esm entry can be found in the plugins.txt file[1]
  • Uninstall a mod – the mod I chose in this case was Cloaks of Skyrim[2]
  • Wait for “The mod was successfully deactivated” from NMM
  • Now look in plugins.txt – you will find two Skyrim.esm entries! (yes two, even if you had zero before!)
  • Running the game now results in WETriggerScript issues


Obviously to get around it, remove one of the duplicate entries.  Just remember, NMM will only trash it later the next time you enable/disable/install/remove an add-on.

    Normally I would not bother blogging about such a thing but the guy in charge of bug reporting is a bit of a troll who seems adamant that no duplication is being caused by NMM – his actions just defy all investigative logic in my opinion.


    …well durr tell me something I don’t know, and:


      Just absolutely refuses to admit fault.  To further highlight his desire for power control, all threads get promptly locked without any possibility of me leaving him a smiley face reply.



”I’m taking my cricket bat and going home, nyah!”


[1] On Windows 7 this is C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt

[2] By the way, Cloaks of Skyrim is a marvellous mod, check it out.

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Skyrim, Such a Pretty Game

2011/11/19 Leave a comment

I’m having such an enjoyable time with Bethesda’s latest instalment in the Elder Scrolls series – Skyrim.  It looks absolutely gorgeous on my new gaming rig which I bought mainly so that Office would load faster, well no not really.  I think I’m spending half my time just wandering around looking at the world taking postcard-worthy screenshots.  Besides the pretty piccys, the game itself holds it’s own.

Take a look for yourself:

TESV 2011-11-10 22-05-52-45



TESV 2011-11-10 21-54-18-70

TESV 2011-11-11 17-18-14-75

TESV 2011-11-12 20-25-43-58

TESV 2011-11-17 07-16-26-88


TESV 2011-11-18 22-05-30-35

Highly recommended.

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