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Windows Web Services, Now Low-fat and 200% Faster!

2009/12/05 Leave a comment

image A recent article in the November 2009 issue of MSDN Magazine describes a new Windows API for SOAP/XML Web Service developers with the highly original name of Windows Web Services (WWS).  With pre-existing choices such as the classic .NET API or even the rather elegantly designed and abstract WCF API (yet rather silly amounts of attribute usage) you may ask ‘Why do we need yet another API to realize our SOAP WS vision?’.

Class libraries such as WCF and XmlLite do implement perhaps all the requirements for XML WS but they do come at a cost:

  1. Memory usage can be a problem
  2. Dependencies on other systems or components
  3. XmlLite does not support UTF-8 encoded payloads
  4. Not designed for native code
  5. And the most important, compared to other systems are very slow

WWS addresses all these needs and is twice as fast as the above mentioned APIs.  However it does come with a con – it is a C-style API available to c/c++ developers by default.  Of course you could always make a hybrid c++.NET app and expose your library to the rest of your higher-level .NET system.  You would want to keep all mission-critical logic of course in c++  to reduce performance latency in the marshalling across c++-to-.NET boundaries.

This is a rather impressive accomplishment and is good to see that there are still c/c++ developers at Microsoft who have a reasonable understanding of ideal performance practices. 

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