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Censorship on Planetary Annihilation Steam Forums?

2014/01/25 Leave a comment

Planetary Annihilation (PA) from Uber Entertainment (UE) is an Early Access title on Steam currently available for purchase for $59.99 USD.  Early Access means that one can buy the game now even though it is not finished with the notion that one is supporting the devs in their endeavours.   In other words the title is pre-alpha.  This can be a good or bad thing and for the complete run-down I recommend listening to TotalBiscuit’s discussion on Early Access.

I’ve been looking over the PA forums hosted on Steam trying to become a little more informed about this interesting title; a title which was tempting me to open my wallet and let the moths fly free. Sadly I was only to discover a disturbing pattern of arguably fascist censorship by the powers that be of anything negative that people have said or even requesting features that are not aligned with the current agenda[4]. Most authors are expressing their concerns over the price of the title [1] [2] [3].

Now I’ve not encountered anything like this since perusing Bohemia Interactive forums – specifically ARMA xx or Carrier Command Gaia Mission where many a poor chap would be banned; or a thread locked should one sneeze or forget to pay homage to the sacrificial guinea pig.

One thread on Steam got locked for asking for a OS compatibility feature. Did I mention there were only five (5) posts in the thread. [4] So much for an open discussion.

Steam Green Light clearly states:


Uber Entertainment states on the Steam Early Access Game notice:


It seems the benefits of an Uber Entertainment (UE) Early Access relationship are clearly one-way and quite arrogant at that; at least that is the perception established by the UE Steam moderators. The suppression of any negative discussions only serves to raise suspicion. It is quite possible that the UE moderators on Steam are not on the same level of professionalism as UE proper; if so UE could perhaps consider reiterating company policy with all those that represent it.

I for one shall take no part in the Early Access. I think I shall wait patiently for the game’s release where upon I hope to buy should the title prove worthy.

I wish them the best of success until then.

[1] “Came back to check on this old game. Lmao @ the price again.”,

[2] “to much money”,

[3] “I just bought PA and I feel cheated”,

[4] “I will buy it if developers add Windows XP compatability”,

[5] “The Minecraft Beta was $5….”,

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