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Schema First

2011/02/24 2 comments

Traditionally, contract-first to us WCF developers meant a .NET interface.  This is a bit silly because In the word of SOAP messages, your recipient more than likely won’t give a toss for your .NET interface because they will never see it; rather it is the SOAP XML message that pops out the other end of your comms conduit.

For this reason, many feel you should Schema First your primitives and message types in XSD and auto-gen the following:

  • WSDL
  • .NET WCF interfaces
  • .NET WCF service stubs
  • .NET classes for your primitives (e.g. Person, Order, GolliWog)

…from the original XSD.

That way when you need to interop with a third party they can adhere to your XSD or you can find a middle ground via XSLT.

More info can be found here

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